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    Pergolas & Decks

    Discussion in 'Global Natural Stone' started by Stonecare, Apr 5, 2014.

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      These Fredericksburg homeowners needed a way to create shade for an outdoor dining space. This custom cedar pergola defines the space and has the added benefit of shading the interior of the house from late afternoon sun.


      A swimming pool on a large estate property in Culpeper called out for a strong focal point. I created one by centering this pergola on the main axis of the pool. The columns are faced with stone veneer and the beams are locally milled white oak, custom cut for this project.


      This estate property cried out for an arbor that could stand up to the sweeping views of 75 acres of fields and vines. I designed this piece, milled from oak and built on site, to match the gables of the house.


      The owners at Old House Vineyards asked me to design a structure for their island that would serve as a wedding arbor. I created this piece, shown here with the dramatic lighting that wedding guests get to enjoy.


      These clients wanted a respite from the sun but were looking for something less traditional This shade sail structure – outdoor fabric stretched taut between galvanized steel posts – gave them the look and the function they wanted.

      Source: revolutionarygardens.com

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